One place for everything

  • All your project information, including all the messages and tasks are stored together.
  • No need to keep a parallel archive with your copies.

Get started quickly

  • Pick the best suited project template, with predefined flows and a standard set of metadata.
  • Customize it to fit your specific project needs.

Get organized!

  • Your documents and messages are labeled, so you can structure your data easily.
  • Personalise your interface, so everything is presented the way you like.

Stay in control

  • Workflows make sure everyone knows what to do and the status of the information is clear.
  • Project Managers have an overview of pending tasks and bottlenecks.
  • Document history is treceable with versioning and project status information.

Trust us

  • We're using state-of-the-art technology.
  • This completely new version of the application was designed with the optimal user experience in mind.
  • Data ownership is linked to your personal account and accessibility is guaranteed for 10 years.