What is PL5?

ProjectLibrary manages all the information about your projects. All communication, files and tasks are in one place in the cloud.

The project manager sets up how information is distributed, reviewed and approved, while the project team members can organize the way they want to work individually..

Email can be banned completely from your projects. Our messaging system will make you more productive and better organized. Sort, group and filter your message stream accross all your projects and use our advanced search to dig up the information you need. You can access the information of your team members as well!
Documents are labeled based on their content, their version history and project status. This makes it easy to find the documents and make sure their information is up-to-date. You can retrace the full life cycle of the information: Who provided it? Who approved it? Is it valid today?
The tasks dashboard presents you with a clear overview of the tasks you need to perform, as well as the requests you sent out. In the overview by type and by date, it only takes an instant to get a clear picture of your workload.
The Project Manager sets up the workflows, so all documents are approved and distributed as required. Users will be notified if they need to review a document and the due dates are added to their task list.